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On the Deise!!!

2008-08-17 19:56:42 by Ephersand

In some boring news I've been trying to work on music solely based on getting it into a game recently. I tried some 8 bit stuff but it's not popular enough so I'm going to go for some more realistic stuff so watch out. If anyone has anything they'd like to hear at all I will do it. Anybody wants a custom made soundtrack to a game or movie I would love to do it. I'll give any style a go.


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2010-11-05 19:14:29

Lol hey man, you'll probably never read this since you (I think) haven't been on for like a year. I, myself, love creating video game soundtrack music... to non-existant games of course. It's quite cool to see someone that enjoys it as much as oneself. There's a very good site where a ton of amateur game producers hang around. I suggest you go check it out if you're still interested in composing soundtracks - If you still got the time and the motivation ofc ;)


2010-11-05 19:15:26

Ah, also gotta say your song "Adventure Game Loop" is stuck on my mind. It's really catchy!